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The Sponsorship Guide
- Do it yourself the professional way -

So you found your exotic sweet better half and you would like to bring him or her back to Canada but Borders & Customs are in the way waiting for your duty tax payment, a valid import permit and your sweet heart's inspection certificate because foreign lovers are classified as dangerous merchandise in Canada...

This guide is for you. It will help you deal with the above mentionned situation by teaching you how to sponsor your spouse or common-law partner to obtain a permanent resident visa for Canada.

~ Attorney Simon Labelle

Table of Contents

  1. Preambule

    How to make sure you do not end up in my office.
  2. An Introduction to Canadian Immigration Law

    Get a broad picture of the complexity.
  3. The Fundamental Jurist Skills

    Developpe the necessary abilities to read the law and think for yourself
  4. The Canadian Immigration System

    Get acquainted with the players and the immigration machine.
  5. The Sponsorship Requirements

    Understand what your doing to meet your burden of proof like a pro.
  6. The Sponsorship Application Assembly Method

    Learn to organize your application properly to make the immigration agent happy.
  7. Drafting your Submission Letter

    Write a cover letter that inspires trust and authenticity.
  8. Choosing an Immigration Professional

    Understand the immigration business to find the right professionals to manage your case.