A New Breed of Law Firm. Really? Yup.

  1. We teach immigration law to the general public through our free publications.
  2. We are developping tomorrow's technologies to streamline the immigration process and make immigration more accessible for everyone.
  3. We are partners for the International Justice Mission to rescue children from slavery, human trafficking and prostitution.

Simon Labelle (Lawyer & Founder)

Simon holds a bachelor of law from Montreal University and a degree in European law from Jean Moulin Lyon III University of France. He is a member of Quebec's Bar Association since 2011.

Sarah Dwyer (Notary-at-law)

Sarah holds a bachelor of law and a master's degree in notarial law from Montreal University. She is a member of the Chambre des Notaires du Québec and the Association Professionnelle des Notaires du Québec since 2011.

Rodney Gonzalez (Lawyer)

Rodney holds a bachelor of law from Cartagena University in Colombia. He was admitted to the Colombian National Lawyer Registry in 2001. He immigrated to Canada in 2010.

Zuoxia Peng (Paralegal)

Zuoxia (alias "Penny") holds a Major from Hebei Radio Television & Journalism University of China. She immigrated to Canada in 2014.

Abdelhabib Yahia (Computer Scientist)

Abdelhabib (alias "Habib") holds a Master's degree from the National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon specializing in programming and network security. He immigrated to Canada in 2014. He manages the research and development projects at Slimms Law Firm.